To renew or not renew

Got this email recently –

Dear Robert,

Your membership in Radio Amateurs of Canada will expire on 2012-09-08.  We look forward to having you join us for another year.  You can go to to renew your membership now and avoid receiving further notices.

If you would prefer to renew by telephone please call the RAC office at 877-273-8304.  If you prefer to send a cheque we will be sending you a form in the mail in approximately a month with the correct amount.

Radio Amateurs of Canada


Ok, no mention of the cost/benefits.. Seems the only benefit to renewing is avoidance of further notifications. Stop it, you’re over-motivating me and flooding me with information. In fact, the way to find out what the cost of renewal, is to click through and stop just before the payment screen, and you find out it’s $54.

What do I get for that $54? What did it get me last year?

I got a nice certificate saying I was a member. And 6 issues of “The Canadian Amateur”, which in all honesty I find to be a good magazine and a fun read, even if it’s been a little light sometimes.

Somehow, I was expecting more from RAC. I’m not sure what I was expecting to be honest, after all, I am a new ham, but I find I get much more out of sites like eham or QRZ than I do from RAC. I also joined RAQI last year (the Quebec provincial club), and I get more out of that then my RAC investment.

So what’s a 2nd year Canadian Ham to do? I don’t see a return on my membership dollar. I won’t bash RAC, I’m sure they are nice folks with good intentions, and I may come back at some point. If they offered a magazine-only subscription for a more reasonable price I’d look into it, but $54 didn’t get me much this year.

For year 2 of my Ham-life though, I think I’ll try an ARRL membership,



3 thoughts on “To renew or not renew”

  1. Do not be misguided and lead by those who take no part to affect changes
    in an organization other than verbose belly ached obout it
    If you research and read all of what RAC has done for ameteur radio in CANADA in pass years you will be thankfull and understant why you can be one today

    1. Thanks for your comment, I realize this subject fires up passions on both sides. I did my research. I only posted my experience, and my reaction to it. I don’t consider myself misguided or lead by anyone, and I don’t regret my decision to discontinue my membership.

      Hope to catch you on the air, 73’s

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