Make your own field day

oh yeah, I have a radio blog.. I should put stuff here..

Family and travel commitments this year mean that I was pretty much unable to do much of anything to do with field day my first year as a ham.  That was rather disappointing, I was looking forward to finding people to connect with and maybe learn a thing or two..

So I’ve been spending what time I can find on putting together a field set up with my FT-897 and such.. I’ve got power, and several untested antenna attempts put together.. now I just need to find a park or field (oh, and some spare time!) where I can go and play with this stuff..

This is where having a local club that’s not into HF is a pain… These would be fun things to try with other hams… at least until I start enjoying the finer points of discussing aged and aching body parts on VHF.  Oh well, at least there’s youtube so I can learn from others’ experience…

A few things I do keep track of to keep the radio passion going –

there’s also an active ham community on Google Plus, I’ve learned some interesting things there..

So the goal before summer ends is to go off the grid and make some QSOs from a field with a wire hanging off a tree or something. Now that I’ve written it down, I’m committed to it 🙂

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