Field Day – what fun!

VE2CWQ Field Day 2013

What’s a little (ok, a lot) rain when having fun?

I participated in my first real Field Day activity this year. In fact, it was the first one for our club, VE2CWQ (Canwarn Quebec). We had lots of fun setting up, learning from each other and operating, and I dare say we’ll probably do this again next year.

Of course, late June weekends in Quebec typically involve rain. We were able to have enough shelter, but we ran lower power (50W), since we didn’t want to run out of battery power. There was enough sun to help maintain the batteries, but more would have been better.

We made over 200 mostly phone contacts, I don’t know if that’s high or not, but I thought that was pretty good. We weren’t going nuts to get numbers, though I think some people may have developed a bit of the contesting bug through this. I expect next year will be much higher.

I’ve put some pictures up here, and here’s a quick video showing the setup and operation.


all in all, a blast, and something the core group of us want to do again.

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