Transistor radios

Bob's radios : Wooden sets

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  Marconi 2005  
  Made in Japan by Toshiba for Canadian Marconi 
  Garage sale find Summer 2001 

  I like this one. MW & Shortwave, a useful set that plays really well! 

  Viking RUV-220  
  Made in Japan by ? for Eaton's Stores 
  flea market find, spring 2002 

  The handle on this one is funny.. the radio is about 4" tall..  

  Sony TFM-850W  
  6-Transistor AM & FM  
  Made in Japan by Sony 1965ish 
  flea market find, spring 2002 

  An easy add-on to the collection, it was cheap, a new battery was in it, and it worked!