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Bob's radios : Testers

Ok, so this radio-collecting thing has side effects too. As I became more interested in the radios, I also became more interested in the equipment used to diagnose/repair them. Although I only use a few of these items on a regular basis, they all look really cool on the walls of my workshop!

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  Heathkit AG-10 
  Sine & Square Generator  
  Flea market find, spring 2002 

  One of many signal generators...                 

bk_177.jpg (166707 bytes)

  B&K 177 VTVM 
  Flea market find, spring 1998 

  My "daily driver" VTVM.. Love that big meter! 

canadian_.jpg (156337 bytes)

  Canadian SG-1 
  Signal Generator 
  ebay, summer 1999 

  Another signal generator (but it's won the Stanley cup many times!) 

century.jpg (152394 bytes)

  Century Ct-1 
  Capacitor Tester 
  ebay, summer 1998 

  A quick & simper capacitor checker.. Very handy.. 

conar_310.jpg (142599 bytes)

  Conar 312 
  Resistor / Capacitor bridge 
  early 1970's  
  ebay winter 2001 

  A handy way to identify unknown caps. 

devry.jpg (134411 bytes)

  Devry Technical Institute VTVM 
  1950's ?  
  ebay, winter 2001 

  Haven't used this one much, just liked the styling.. 

eico_145.jpg (219520 bytes)

  Eico 145 
  Signal tracer 
  Flea market find, summer 2000 

  This one I use a lot .. 

eico_242.jpg (126639 bytes)

  Eico 242 
  Flea market find, summer 2000 

  Another big bad meter, this one was a complete restoration project in itself! 

eico_666.jpg (237645 bytes)

  Eico 666 
  Dynamic Conductance Tube & Transistor tester  
  Flea market find, summer 1998 

  My reference tube tester. When filament checking isn't enough... 

eico_950.jpg (201897 bytes)

  Eico 950 
  Resistor / Capacitor bridge 
  Flea market find, spring 1999 

  I'm a sucker for eye tubes :)