Bob’s old radio page


This is a little page I put together to share my collection with my online friends. I’ve been collecting radios since 1998, though my interest goes back to an old RCA Victor console I remember in my parent’s basement when I was a child.


I tend to prefer pre-war wooden tube radios, though I’m not above picking up an interesting bakelite or transistor set. As I’m not a “professional” collector, I’ve based my collecting one of two stringent criteria:

1-    I think it’s neat       or

2-    I can’t possibly pass this up at this price!


I’ve divided my collection into the following sections:


Radios                       Wood

                                Bakelite or Plastic



Related Items             Test Equipment (yes, I tend to collect this stuff too)

                                Reading materials

                                AM Transmitters * NEW! *

                                Antique radio links



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