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Where am I going to find the ears?

Ok – I listen to a lot of different podcasts. I do reach a point though, where there is no human way I can catch up. In podcasts, just as blog reading, people feel a twinge of guilt when they “Mark all as read”. If you listen or read more Read On..

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Give yourself permission.

Mitch Joel posted about a problem many (most?) of us have: How to keep up with all the content to which we’ve subscribed? Like Mitch, I’m currently subscribed to many more blogs than I can read, and more podcasts than I can listen to. As more content gets created from Read On..

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Many people listening – Once

Interesting article from the BBC this morning discusses the fact that while the number people trying to listen to podcasts is going up, those numbers aren’t really turning into subscribers.. Other interesting fact: – 15% of online men have downloaded a podcast, while only 8% of online women have dl’d. Read On..

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Is it really all about money?

Feeling a bit reflective on this sunny friday before the long weekend….. I’m looking through podcast-related news items, conference session topics.. and more and more the articles are about advertising/corporate/marketing/money/$$…. etc.. Is money really taking center stage, or am I reading the wrong sites? Maybe I’m naive, but when a Read On..

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Three days later..

So.. I’ve been using the iPod for three days, and overall – I like it! I don’t want to, but I do. It doesn’t seem to like some mono files though. It’ll just burp on the file and reboot. I’ve read on the Apple discussion boards that this is one Read On..

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I feel dirty

I finally did it. I bought one. Now I can finally listen to podcasts On the one hand I feel like I’ve caved, on the other hand I got a good deal by picking up a refurb. I’ve read a few comments from people who’ve bought the refurbs at redflagdeals, Read On..

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