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PodCamp Toronto 2010

Usually, a “soft launch” of a website involves few people finding out about it, and working out the kinks as awareness ramps up. It seems a social media soft launch is really about waiting three minutes until everyone finds out! The great people behind Podcamp Toronto soft-launched the 2010 website Read On..

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Midnight train to Georgia

VIA Rail, Trenton Junction, by Bobolink. OK, maybe not. But search as I might, I haven’t found a song about taking the train from Montreal to Toronto. The train? Did you forget? It’s Podcamp Toronto! I initially wanted to take the train to Toronto, as I love traveling that way, Read On..

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Coffee in Toronto?

Want to join me for coffee in Toronto? Coming up February 20-22 is yet another edition of Podcamp Toronto. As much as it may seem cold and uncomfortable to our southern friends, Podcamp Toronto for me has become a sign that we’ve almost made it through another Canadian winter, and Read On..

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Podmtl 272

I think we’ve stopped numbering these, so 272 seems like as good a number as any. PodMtl 716 Wednesday February 18th, 7:30pm at A NEW LOCATION! BENELUX • Craft brewery 245 Sherbrooke West, Montreal +1 (514) 543-9750 ( and please spare a moment’s silence for the now-defunct Sergeant Recruiteur, home Read On..

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Heading down the 401 again!

In two days, I’ll be at Podcamp Toronto again. I’m really looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. It’s a great (free!) event, and if you’re anywhere near Hogtown this weekend, you really should do yourself a favour and drop in.. Check out the schedule to Read On..

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How to get to Podcamp

Podcamp Toronto is in 2 days, and I’ll be driving with my buddy and cohort Mark Blevis. Now Montreal -> Ottawa -> Toronto can be a frustrating drive, but with the help of a few well placed signs, I should be able to make some good time..

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February is looking better

I’m almost finished wading through the big pile of crap commonly called January. The month of Feburary is looking much better! I’ve got some great things to look forward to: My NEW (not refurb’d) Macbook Pro will arrive, and my transition to a more creative platform will progress. I’m going Read On..

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Conferences, UNconferences and many hours in the car

I’ve signed up for PodCamp Boston 2. The wonderful experience this year and the great people behind it make it a must-attend event for me. I’ve also signed up to attend PodCamp Toronto in February. Great people behind this one too.. Then there’s Podcasters Across Borders / PodCamp Canada in Read On..

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