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Podcamp Montreal 2009!

PodCamp Montréal was such a blast last year, that when presented with the opportunity to have one again this year, the organizing team couldn’t contain their excitement:   committee-podcamp-montreal-5, Picture credit :Eva Blue. Putting aside their obvious facial ticks, the gang has added a few members, and are looking forward Read On..

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Midnight train to Georgia

VIA Rail, Trenton Junction, by Bobolink. OK, maybe not. But search as I might, I haven’t found a song about taking the train from Montreal to Toronto. The train? Did you forget? It’s Podcamp Toronto! I initially wanted to take the train to Toronto, as I love traveling that way, Read On..

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Conference clash

photo by JonCaves This is the Air Canada A319 that flies apparently to San Francisco. The cool thing is it’s painted in the pre-Air Canada “Trans-Canada Airlines” motif, which IMHO is just way cooler than any paint I’ve seen on AirCanada planes in the last 20 years… If Air Canada Read On..

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Almost 200!

Photo by flickr user abdallahh We’re almost at 200 registrants for Podcamp Montreal. woo! If you’re on the fence about going, this would be a good time to make up your mind and commit to coming – there is limited space, but we’ll do our best to squeeze everyone in.. Read On..

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grab your calendar

… and find where it says :  September 20 and September 21. If you have a french calendar like me, it will say  Septembre 20 et Septembre 21. on top of those two days, in very big block letters, write:  PODCAMP MONTREAL UQAM design Pavillion 1440 Sanguinet Street (Corner of Read On..

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