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Post PAB let-down

Home! Once again, Podcasters Across Borders rocked. Any time I wonder why I do what it is I do, this community reminds me. I honestly never thought we’d be able to come close to the vibe from last year. I was sure it had something to do with the fact Read On..

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Bob and Mark Mackenzie

Click To Play Ted Riecken from island podcasting made this great video..

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We’ve been found out.

Mark Blevis and I were trying to keep our real identities secret. Chris from Kaflooey has figured it out.

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Another meme

I didn’t want to do 2 in a row, but I HAD to do this one … Sean McGaughey has tagged a few of us with his new meme: The un-official Podcasters Across Borders Meme. Here we go… Why are you coming to PAB? Mark has my wallet and won’t Read On..

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8 things meme

Well, I’ve been double tagged. Ajay and Charles can’t live another day if they don’t find out 8 things about me… Ok, you might want to sit down, this really isn’t that interesting… 1- I played high-school football for 1 game, then the team folded. 2- My first public singing Read On..

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PAB2007 preview

Here’s the first in a series of Podcasters Across Borders orientation videos…. (Note to self, don’t stare into the sun while shooting video. You’d think that was obvious, but I’m an audio guy) Click To Play

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In May 2005, I put together an episode of mostlytunes that featured artists from the Calgary area. One of the songs from garageband that knocked my socks off was called Apart by this guy called Freddy. We exchanged emails, and kept in semi regular contact. I watched him soar through Read On..

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Have I mentioned PAB2007?

Not specifically, eh? Shows you how good I am at self-promotion. The last few months of work for the 4 of us comes to fruition in about 16 days. I’m so proud of the event we’ve put together, it is simply going to ROCK! If you’re even remotely interested in Read On..

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I was just doing some work on Podcasters Across Borders (registrations, website, etc..) and I had a “holy crap” moment. One of the things we do is have a list (down the right hand side of the page) of the podcasts that will be represented at PAB. I look at Read On..

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PAB2007 – the doors are open

We’ve just opened the registration for the Podcasters Across Borders conference to be held in Kingston, Ontario in June. It’s real now, woo! Check out the details here

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