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Another great car ride

[display_podcast] If you’ve been listening to the Canadian Podcast Buffet, you know we’ve recently been featuring audio we recorded on our drive to and from Boston for Podcamp Boston2. It is becoming my belief that the best conversations happen in cars, and I’d like to show you another example. A Read On..

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New reading material arrived today

These two have been on my reading list for a while, and Bernard Goldbach‘s excellent overview of David Weinberger‘s Everything Is Miscellaneous on Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of separation really made me want to start with that one.. Now all I need to find is time 🙂

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Rock Stars

It’s not often one gets to spend a weekend with rock stars. I just did. Everyone who participated, attended or was somehow involved in Podcamp this past weekend is a rock star. I’d like to thank the following people for making my weekend rock. I know I’m going to forget Read On..

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Geek Dinner Montreal announced

Mitch Joel has taken advantage of Shel Holtz‘s visit to Montreal to launch Geek Dinner Montreal. I’ve heard of these events (mostly from Mitch, actually.. Hmmm) and they seem like a great time. Important people like podcasters, bloggers & world changers get together for food & drink and to plan Read On..

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Hi. My name is Bob, and I’m lonely

At least that what Michael Keren would have you think in his book. Mitch Joel saw this article in the Montreal Gazette, which I must have missed because of my crippling loneliness. Read Mitch’s take, it’s worth it.. Julien points out that this guy has no blog.. Which obviously makes Read On..

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Give yourself permission.

Mitch Joel posted about a problem many (most?) of us have: How to keep up with all the content to which we’ve subscribed? Like Mitch, I’m currently subscribed to many more blogs than I can read, and more podcasts than I can listen to. As more content gets created from Read On..

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