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Virtual Box

Since I switched to Mac for all my non-day-job functions, I’ve needed to run Windows once in a while for whatever reason. Whether it was to show Audacity techniques on WinXP, or just to see how a website renders under IE, there’s always been a compelling reason, to keep that Read On..

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The Mac experience

Jay Moonah explains why he isn’t getting a mac. Good for him, be your own mind and make your own decisions. I’d still greatly respect Jay if he told me he was getting a Commodore-64. It seems that no one can make a compelling argument to sway Jay, and while Read On..

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15 Mac OS Apps that have made me a happy switcher

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s only been about a month since I switched to the Macbook Pro. It’s following me pretty much everywhere, and surprisingly has replaced my PDA just as much as my desktop PC. I still use a Thinkpad for work of course, but for Read On..

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