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The Mac experience

Jay Moonah explains why he isn’t getting a mac. Good for him, be your own mind and make your own decisions. I’d still greatly respect Jay if he told me he was getting a Commodore-64. It seems that no one can make a compelling argument to sway Jay, and while Read On..

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Congrats to Jay Moonah!

Big golf claps to my friend,podcaster,musician,wordy guy, and now award-winning video producer Jay Moonah for winning 3rd place in the highly coveted Network2 “How to watch internet TV” contest thingie. His video and song are probably still burning holes through the judge’s brains.. In case you thought you were safe Read On..

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Rock Stars

It’s not often one gets to spend a weekend with rock stars. I just did. Everyone who participated, attended or was somehow involved in Podcamp this past weekend is a rock star. I’d like to thank the following people for making my weekend rock. I know I’m going to forget Read On..

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