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Help us wish Derek K. Miller a Happy Birthday

Nice initiative started this morning by Sean and Bill, and kudos to Mark Blevis for stepping up to edit ! Here’s Bill’s post: clipped from deys.ca Over IM this morning with Sean McGaughey he pointed out the recently Derek Miller of The Penmachine Podcast has a birthday fast approching! He Read On..

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7 songs tag

I’ve been tagged by Bill Deys. His life simply cannot continue it’s normal course without knowing what my favourite seven songs are. Who am I to disrupt someone’s life this way? Here’s my list, accurate as of this very minute, and probably replaced by 7 other songs in less time Read On..

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Rock Stars

It’s not often one gets to spend a weekend with rock stars. I just did. Everyone who participated, attended or was somehow involved in Podcamp this past weekend is a rock star. I’d like to thank the following people for making my weekend rock. I know I’m going to forget Read On..

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Room 614 – 2:18AM

Not many blog posts for me this weekend. I’ve got lots of ideas for posts though, and I’ll be putting those up when I put my thoughts together properly. Even though we talk about podcasting, internet, branding, yada yada yada… An event like this is about people. That’s not a Read On..

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