I still do the podcasting thing too – kinda separate from the blog, latest episodes here, full list here, or paste “” in your podcatcher…

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  • CatStuph 08
    CatStuph 08 –
  • Ramblings in May
    Ramblings in May –
  • it hurts
    Not a good day!(Get your Kleenex)
  • puntacana2017
    Our spring vacation!Simon's first podcast Best quote "if an actors toilet took a crap"
  • CatStuph-04
    I found an old recoding we did in 2013!Picking Simon up from camp.Just wanted to share.
  • CatStuph-03
    A little bit more editing.. adding some sounds and pre-recorded stories
  • CatStuph-02
    A little trip to the blood donor clinic! And some audio when Simon was three!
  • CatStuph-01
    CatStuph-01 –
  • bob 60
    Some thoughts at MMPR16
  • bob 59
    bob 59 –
  • Bob 58
    Bob 58 – Bobstuph
  • bob 57
    Oh the stuff… From Bob
  • bob 56
    Vacation tales of trailers and tribulations
  • bob 55
    Post MMPR thoughts and the asshole theory
  • bob 54
    The road to MMPR #1
  • bob 53
  • bob 52
    Thoughts prompted by a disturbing phone call
  • bob 51
    Post podcamp thoughts
  • bob 50
    from PodCamp Toronto: The Session at Podcamp Thats About Podcasting
  • bob 49
    Bobstuph six : Winter field day, clouds and performances
  • bob 48
    An in-depth evaluation of my love for Ingress
  • bob 47
    Join Bob on this thrilling journey to the subterranean world of the parking lot under the office skyscraper
  • bob 46
    bob's #CNDOP participation thingie
  • Bob 45
    Bob plays HVAC guy
  • Bob 44
    Podcasting so I don't get beat up
  • bob 43
    Do I still do these?
  • bob 42
    Plattsburgh Drive-in Blues
  • bob 41
    A studio episode! Let me tell you about Joe
  • bob 40
    More post roundtable Thoughts and things
  • bob 39
    Post Marshall McLuhan podcaster roundtable
  • bob 38
    bob 38 –
  • bobstuph 37
    Post-vacation ramblings
  • bob 36
    mulligans for all!
  • bob 35
    Back for 2014!a happier place but I still find time to rant
  • bob 34
    Baseball and ideas for Mark
  • bob 33
    The Great Canadian National Day of Podcasting!Check out all the shows here :
  • bob 32
    Pre-snow cast – get those winter tires on!
  • bob 31
    Inertia, strong beer, and Marco and the Man
  • bob 30
    Thoughts on group dynamics
  • bob 29
    Hold me tight and remind me it's not thursday
  • bob 28
    No velvet underground for Christmas please
  • bob 27
    A thank you-cast, sorta
  • bob 26
    Stevie wonder
  • bob 25
    A quick road update
  • bob 24
    Near misses, and how parents become neurotic
  • bob 23
    Another car cast, this time about tunes and leaving crap behind
  • bob 22
    Back from vacation, easing my way back online
  • bob 21
    A serious discussion with Anthony Marco about brand fragmentation and something stupid
  • bob 20
    Another quickie car cast featuring 80s music , Delayed vacations and personal touches
  • bob 19
    A quickie car cast, construction and Quebec thingies
  • bob 18
    Crisis? What Crisis?
  • bob 17
    I only whine about missing VoxPopCon for a bit.. Then it's the hair-metal alternative Friday Night in San Francisco.. Throw in some amateur radio vs social media, and it becomes BobStuph 17.
  • bob 16
    BossJock studio is pissing me off, and happier Northern Voice 2013 thoughts
  • bob 15
    Almost live from Vancouver, Mark Blevis joins me for a chat about our Northern Voice keynote… BossJock studio killed the last 5 mins, so you will not hear us mention you.
  • bob 14
    The Road to Northern Voice, featuring Tommy
  • bob 13
    The political and social ramifications of PAB, Northern Voice, VoxPopCon and the ARRL Field Day…
  • bob 12
    AJ from Bob and AJ guests on this one as we talk about the old days while drunken people bounce all around us
  • bob 11
    Mutlitrack fun, Ray Manzarek and the Morrison-less Mute Doors
  • bob 10
    Almost live from Florida! Guns, cultural differences, and unused tunes
  • bob 9
    Jeff Healey, Hockey, more 10 minute podcasts! and Schnitzel!

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