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It’s almost like there are two Bobs I want you to know about. Until I figure out a nice way to put it all together, here’s more about me(s)..

IT Leader Bob

I have over 20 years IT experience occupying such roles as technical delivery lead, senior technical analyst, project manager, and manager of Business Intelligence & Technical Services.

What makes me interesting is that not only am I able to deal with the technology, I’m also known for being able to build solid relationships with all staff levels from employees to upper management.

I’m currently enjoying my new role as IBM Account Manager, helping foster innovation and growth on selected accounts.

Before that, I spent several years active in the JD Edwards World/EnterpriseOne ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) sector, occupying CNC and technical leadership roles for upgrade,implementation and managed services.

Prior to joining IBM as a senior consultant in 2002, I spent 6 years as an independent consultant specializing in JDE World/Enterprise One, as well as AS400 (iSeries) technical projects. I was then Manager of Business Intelligence & Technical Services for a systems integrator from 2000-2002 until I joined IBM’s JD Edwards/Oracle consulting practice.

My last 15 years in consulting have given me the opportunity to work in several industries : Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Pulp & Paper, Consumer products, Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Services.. to name but a few.

Social Media Bob

One of the pioneers of Canadian podcasting, I’ve been credited with helping create and develop the Canadian podcast community since I started podcasting in 2004. The Bob and AJ show as well as the CatFishShow are still preferred content for listeners worldwide. As well as hosting and producing several shows of my own, I also founded ROGIC ( www.rogic.com) , one of Canada’s first podcast networks, and am a co-founder of Canada’s premier podcasting conference, Podcasters Across Borders ( www.podcastersacrossborders.com) which each year draws podcasters and podcasters-to-be from all over North America.

The creation of the weekly podcast Canadian Podcast Buffet ( www.canadianpodcastbuffet.ca) in 2005 gave me and my co-host Mark Blevis an opportunity to share information with canadian podcasters and listeners, as well as updates on all aspects of podcasting and social media in Canada ranging from legal issues to tips and techniques. This podcast has been referred to as a “must-listen” for anyone wanting to be involved in the Canadian podcast space.

In 2006 I took over CanadaPodcasts.ca (www.canadapodcasts.ca), the leading directory of Canadian-produced podcasts. Thousands of visitors each month use this website to not only promote their efforts but to find the uniquely Canadian podcasting voices on the internet.

My presence and actions in the space have led to several print and radio interviews, and I am a regular speaker at Podcasting and Social Media conferences and Meet-ups.

You can find my contact information/status right on this page

Podcasts & related activities:

Co-producer of the ;Canadian Podcast Buffet

Founder of the ROGIC Podcast Conglomerate

Editor of CanadaPodcasts.ca – Canada’s podcasting directory

Co-founder Podcasters Across Borders – Canada’s First Podcasting conference & Meetup

Other Stuff:

Father, husband, Amateur Radio operator (VE2PDT), musician, hobbyist, outdoorsman, drinks Earl Grey tea (hot), amateur photographer, lots of stuff….


Find me here:

phone: +1 (617) 326-3323

email: bobgoyetche(at)gmail(dot)com

LinkedIn:View Bob Goyetche's profile on LinkedIn

Disclaimers and Statements of Direction

Please note that email sent to me becomes my property, and could be published here or elsewhere. If you don’t want that to happen, I’d be happy to work something out.

The views expressed on this site are my own and in no way reflect the positions, opinions or strategies of my employers or clients. Anything I’ve written here is evaluated on the fact that I will be able to sleep at night. If I’ve offended you, I probably didn’t mean to, or you may have mistaken my judgment of an idea as a personal evaluation. There are rare cases though, where I might actually think you’re a tool. I reserve the right to think and express that.


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