Don’t tell me what to do

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a frighteningly high number of blogs out there have a single purpose.

They tell you what to do.

I don’t mind the occasional “How To” post, that can be helpful. So many blogs though, think they need to tell you how to live/love/work/laugh/drink etc.. It’s very anti-social when you think about it – what did you do with that friend that was trying to run your life? You dropped them, right? Why is this supported in this space?


“Like” this, do that, whatever you’re doing now you’re doing wrong, get more friends, get less friends, get more followers, tweet this way, etc etc etc


I’m willing to bet that you’re reading this not because of my wonderful SEO techniques, my sales advice, or my ability to magically hit the wrong note at a crucial moment in a song. Likes tend to attract, so I’m thinking you’re reading this because you like to interact with me or see my views on things, not me telling you what yours should be. To me, that’s the magic of whatever we’re calling “social media” these days. Somewhere along the way, many of us have lost the “exchange” part, and many have taken it to be a broadcast-only medium.

So in the spirit of this post, I’ll tell you what I’ve done, and what a revelation it’s been to me. I looked at the blogs I read regularly, and took a look at the last 10 posts or so. The ones that did nothing but tell me what to do – are gone. Who needs that? I’ve come this far without this “sagely advice”, and I think I’ll be ok.

Reading blogs that do nothing but tell you what to do is bad for you.

I wonder if following all these kinds of blogs doesn’t end up affecting people’s self esteem. I mean, if you ever wanted to think there’s something wrong with you, go read a self-help book. With that you’ll discover faults you didn’t know you had. I think bark-at-you blogs may have the same effect. “Gee, I’m not able to live out of a backpack and Macbook Pro, and still feed my family, there must be something wrong with me”.

I love learning new things, being told what to do, not so much. You?


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