Mystery Bass *updated*

I’ve had this bass for years. It previously belonged to my brother in law. He was about to throw it out when I rescued it. I think it’s crime to toss instruments, and so I was happy to save it – plus you never know when a bass can come in handy…

I was re-stringing and setting it up today, and was trying to figure out who made the darn thing. I’ve come up with nothing, and it has stumped even my knowledgeable friends

I figure it’s from the 70’s, maybe early 80’s.. It’s got a “Badass”tm bridge and Grover tuning keys, if that helps ….

and here’s a full view –

I’ll ask you like I asked people on twitter, any idea what this beast might be?

*update* – Ken tells me it’s an Attila – Some searching reveals it might be built by “Attila Balogh”, who built guitars in Vancouver in the late  ’70s with Odyssey Guitars.  Apparently he and Odyssey were known for creating extremely high quality and unique instruments.  Still haven’t found a match elsewhere on line, but it’s nice to have a lineage to track here…

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  1. kelly says:

    An Attila is exactly what that is , probably a late 70’s
    I had an Attila six string electric given to me by Lindsey Mitchell of Prism..Lindsey helped Attila Balogh design his Odyssey line of guitars of which your bass is a relative..

    your brother should be tied to a tree and buggy whipped for even thinking of chucking that instrument

    …..your brother

  2. Bob says:

    thanks for the comment !

    My bro-in-law corrected me after reading this, he had no intention of chucking it, but was about to get rid of it – so that’s how I interpreted it – To me, that’s almost the same thing 🙂

    I’ve played it a few times since setting it up, and I very much like it – it does weigh about 500lbs though, it’s quite heavy..

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