More than one you?

It was pointed out (rightly so) to me recently that although I have a pretty strong online presence, almost none of the content I produce here has to do with technical topics.

It’s one of those things that I’ve struggled with, I know many readers here have ended up here due to my podcasting/social media efforts. I’ve tried to make this place reflective of the person they’ve met at events and conferences, and it’s also been a great place for me to build on the connections I’ve made through this space..

The thing is, I happen to spent a lot of hours on technical topics. I love technology, and am at heart a geek/nerd/techie/blinking-lights kinda guy.  I usually have a few different techie activities going on – from my own projects with things like Arduino, Netbeans, PHP, mysql etc… to the actual technical work I do as part of my living (JD Edwards, Enterprise Architecture, scripting, spec’ing and a bunch of other stuff).

For the podcasts, it seemed obvious for each show to have its own site, as the shows were each different beasts. For this though, it’s all me. Should I just categorize techie posts in this blog at the risk of turning off people who drop by for my witty observations (ahem)? Or do I give myself the freedom to “geek-out” entirely on a different site, and let the nerd shine in his own space?

I know many of you have more than one you, how have you handled it?

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  1. Dave Delaney says:

    You could create a blog called EVERYTHING by Bob and use Tumblr or Posterous. Then simply share each post you create elsewhere on that blog.

    It could become an additional feed that your readers could subscribe to, so they don’t miss anything Bob.

    Just a thought.

    1. Bob says:

      Thanks Dave- you’ve confirmed what I’ve been leading towards.. but i’ll make this one the everything blog, seems easier for me 🙂

      appreciate your comment!

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