Thanks Nico!

One of the best things about podcasting is the wonderful people you meet along the way. Nico is one of those people. He’s been a strong supporter of the “conglomerate” since early on, is a nice guy, and to top it off is REALLY good with photoshop.

You can see the fruits of his labour on the redesigned Bob and AJ Show page as well as the new graphics for mostlytunes.

He also did a really nice “Got Fish?” logo for the CatFish Show which ended up on Cat’s T-Shirts.

Alas, some trademark-happy-I’ll-sue-you-if-you-use-it woman named Barbara Fabian
in Santa Barbara, California, USA got CafePress to remove the t-shirts. She trademarked “Got Fish?”. Original, eh? What do the milk people think about that? That’s obviously diluting the “Got Milk?” trademark, no? Maybe they don’t know.. Maybe I should tell them.

Maybe I’ll just go to bed.

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