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After taking the summer off from podcasting. I just spent some time adding all the new (almost 40!) listings to the directory. To be honest, sometimes it’s a chore, but when I see the amount of new shows coming from this country, I’m motivated all over again.

Did you know this podcast directory predates iTunes’ own podcast directory? Of course you did.

A few people have asked me why we still maintain this directory even with iTunes and the other listings that exist out there..The answer is simple. There is NO other definitive podcast directory specifically for Canadian podcasts.

I think that’s a big deal. I really do.

Even though on radio CanCon has become a joke that assures us that we’ll hear Tom Cochrane or RUSH every 11 minutes on FM radio, I do agree with the original thoughts behind it. We’re a small nation, population-wise. Most of us live within 200km (and ear shot) of US Radio/TV/Movies/Music. Without those CanCon laws in the 1970’s, many Canadian acts wouldn’t have seen the light of day, or had any measurable success.

Am I advocating the same thing happen online? Absolutely not. I fully support net-neutrality, and consider media a part of that. I dare to the think that the online population is able to make its own choices. and that we may have learned from the crappy experience Canadian radio has become.

If you’re a podcast listener, you have lots to choose from when it comes to putting things in your ears. My goal with CanadaPodcasts is to give you the Canadian option. If we help Canadian media creators get more attention, and haven’t spent any government money, then we will end up with more Canadian media creators, and by volume, better content.  Should all your listening end there? Of course not.

We’re a creative nation, and I think you owe it to yourself to check out what your neighbours are doing….

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  1. Mark Blevis says:

    Thanks, Bob, for all you do to keep that directory running, and for the amazing work you’ve done to improve it over the last few years.

    Long the and the amazing content it promotes.

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