My portable MP3 player is dead 🙁

After five years of faithful service, my often self-repaired Archos 6000

is kaput.

I could probably get it going again by buying a new laptop HD for it, but I think it’s time to move on.

But to what???

I travel for work, and NEED my collections of tunes and podcasts with me. So it’s gotta be at least 20-30 GB.. While part of me digs the fact that I’ll get a new, more modern player to carry around, I’m not big on spending the bucks to get what I “need”…

iPod? Creative? Archos? ahh! I hate shopping for this stuff! I hmm and haaa and hesitate because I end up convinced I can get the same functionality for less money… SO I wait, and I wait… and I wait… and I miss out…

It’s hell being me.

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  1. My wife and I have 20 and 30G iPods, so we can carry all our music and podcasts and audiobooks. Of course get the largest drive as you stated. My brother has a RIO and he’s limited by size and connection issues with his PC. My wife has a PC and I use both a PC and a Mac, it’s nice to have the iPod work on both very well. Take a look at the iPod before you check out the others.

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