Social Media Cleanup: New seeds

< If I were paying attention to all the “How to Blog” posts,
I’d surely have an obtuse picture here of some jerk
planting seeds with a pitcher of water beside him.
I’ll trust that you know what seeds look like,
and that my metaphor works without the obtuse image >

In case you haven’t been following along, I’ve been cleaning up my connections on social networking sites (Twitter and facebook so far).

You might think the goal of this work has been to reduce my connections, lower the number the people I interact with, or limit the number of friends I have.

You couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s really a case of cleaning up before starting new projects, among which, are to make room for new REAL connections. You see, I discovered that even the weak connections are an effort to maintain. This effort can vary from trying to cut through the clutter in a twitter stream, or reading wall status posts from people I don’t really know. It costs time and effort to maintain connections. Having limited time and effort to commit to these things (as we all do), I’ve decided I’d rather have fewer connections, but have those connections be more “real”.

It’s easy to make new connections, there are sites that will find you twitter and facebook friends. Things like “follow Friday” tell you who to follow.. What none of this does is actually create real connections to these people.

So, how does one REALLY connect  ?


Get out there. Go to conferences/events/meet-ups. Make yourself physically present as well. It’s a great way of setting yourself apart from all the twitter handles. The only downside is that often, this also happens to be the most expensive method of connection with people.

Online can work too, though make no mistake that there is effort (often more!) involved. Become active in online communities, Offer advice, comment on blogs, share knowledge on your blog.. there are many ways to interact…

No one will remember you because you read their material. You need to make yourself memorable as well. Once each side remembers the other, then the foundations of real connections are in place.

How have you created your “real” connections?

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  1. I just spent a week in Newfoundland connecting with relatives. They all LIVE on Facebook. Like, if I put an update on the fact I’m at XYZ person’s house, they’d all come over to visit. I feel 1/2 envious and 1/2 creeped out by that usage. To me, I’m the most public private guy I know. And yet, I think that’s WAY better than how mine’s set up now.

    I really appreciate this step you’re taking. I think it’s a good one.

    As to how I’m doing it in person, I have a little spreadsheet that I’m trying to keep so that I remember to connect with people a bit more often.

    Bon midi.

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