Social Media Cleanup – facebook

Ever get one room of the house clean to the point where you want to keep going and do the other rooms? Me neither.

I can imagine how it feels though. The results of my Twitter cleanup have been nothing short of spectacular. I can actually FEEL the reduction of clutter in my twitter feed.

Armed with this new found vim and vigor, I’m going to attack the socially heavier cleanup: facebook.

With twitter, the social connections are often weak, and as such are easy to dismiss. It’s harder with facebook though. It has come to take up so much space in this online world, and is used by people who wouldn’t even normally use the net (if that’s possible). The potential to offend is somewhat higher on facebook. For some, if you’re not a facebook friend, you’re not a “real” friend. We’ve all seen it.

These things are what make the facebook cleanup more touchy. While I’ve enjoyed exchanging insights into daily life with friends new and old, I can’t help but think that at around 350 “friends”, there’s a diminishing scale of value. Oh, and if you’ve got 2000 friends, I’ve got news for you – you don’t.

So the social-weighty questions arise:

  • Do I worry about high-school acquaintances who’ve asked to be my friend on facebook because we happened to be on the same bus in 1984?
  • Will my purge actions be misconstrued as an attack on someone who may not realize that after all, this is a classic case of “It’s not you, It’s me.”

It amazes me that a website that basically didn’t exist 5 years ago brings up this social pressure.

You know what, I don’t need to apologize for what I’m about to do. You may be a nice person, but unless we’re close friends, I don’t need to know that your kid spit up on you this morning. It’s clutter, and if it’s that important to you that I know, you can phone me.

facebook of course exposes privacy concerns, so I’ve been careful to not open up too much on there. Still, like I did for twitter, I’ll go through my facebook contacts, and undo the connections if they meet the following conditions :

  • We haven’t interacted directly, ever.
  • We haven’t talked since high school.
  • Our interaction is only that we attended the same event once – then pretty much nothing.
  • I don’t even like you.

That’s a good start, we’ll see where that goes. What would you add to this list?

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  1. Now I’ll get to know if Bob likes me or not…

  2. Bruce Murray says:

    Nice looking vacuum… but how well does it do with Frozen Bees?

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