Twitter cleanup update

Down to about 1500 following, that’s about 300 less than when I started. It’s absolutely like weeding a garden.

Want to see something interesting? Take a look a who you’re following that’s not following you back. If the idea of the social media is to “Join the Conversation”, lots of people are getting it wrong.

How can you tell? Go to their twitter page, and see if you can message them (under the “Actions” menu).. If you can’t, they aren’t following you. You’re just a number to them, hope your ego can take it.

Twitter Karma will also let you see who’s not following you back.. Made me realize that I was accepting clutter politely from people who weren’t doing me the same honour…

Twitter may become useful for me eventually….

oh yeah, I need a picture for this post, all the “How to Blog” guides say so:


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  1. You might want to use a service called Friend or Follow ( to get the list of people that doesn’t follow you back. It’s way faster for those (like us) that prefer to follow only people that are potentially interested in what we have to say…

    1. Bob says:

      Yep – that’s a good one too Laurent, thanks. Twitter Karma shows that too – Interesting is that Twitter Karma used to let you bulk unfollow, but Twitter asked them to turn it off. I guess Twitter wants to keep the follower counts artificially high…. Hmmmm

  2. Scarborough Dude says:

    Well that was fun – thank you both. Unfollowed several who I thought should have been following me but weren’t when I was, and followed as many who I hadn’t followed. Feel cleaner now!

  3. Phil Bowman says:

    Glad to see I still make the cut 🙂

    So, what about people who are following me but I’m not following them? Does that make me a bad person, or just too lazy to check out whether they’re spam/bots?


  4. Bob says:

    Yes Phil, it makes you a horrible person 🙂

    I think if you’re looking for new or interesting people, it may be worth it to take a look to see if they’re worth following back. Who knows, maybe there are some pleasant surprises there.

    On the other hand, with all the auto-follow nonsense going on, I personally feel no need to do so. If someone wants my attention, they should understand that they should reach out to me, as opposed to hoping I’ll follow back.

    You know, somewhere someone is probably offended I didn’t follow back.. but that’s like sitting by the phone and waiting for a call from someone who doesn’t know you’re waiting for a call…

    Oh well, there are lots of places to get offended if you really want to, Twitter is just one more…

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