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As I was putting together the “interesting people” posts (more to come by the way), I became impressed with the amount of clutter that’s become part of my online experience.  As much as I enjoy the connected life online, I have to admit that the noise outpaced the signal a long time ago, and my ability to find nuggets in the mess is outclassed.

There has been a lot of talk recently of a kind of “social media purge”. One social media star is dropping Google Buzz, the other is giving up blogging, etc etc.. . examples are easy to find of the people shutting off one or more channels entirely.

To me, that’s like tossing out your TV because you just saw a bad show. The problem isn’t the TV, it’s your ability to choose what you watch as opposed to just watching “Dangerous Chefs stalking Dog Whisperers” when it happens to come on and the remote’s too far to reach.

I like Francis‘ approach in cleaning up his facebook “friends” list, he’s not dropping facebook entirely, just removing the connections that provide no value to him. This is the kind of approach I’m going to adopt.

My first target: Twitter.

Now I’ve been known to dislike twitter (Maybe because I gave a talk called “Fuck Twitter” at bitnorth ’09? Nah..).. but when I think about it, the service is fine. It’s certain people’s abilities to remove value from an experience that bugs me.  I use Tweetdeck (which I find great), and will be using that to unfollow people who meet the following criteria :

  • You act like you’re Chris Brogan but aren’t. Be yourself, Chris is doing a fine job being him.
  • You retweet Chris Brogan. If you feel the need to retweet him, you don’t get it.
  • You do nothing but retweet others with no added value.
  • ANY tweet with a link to a “XX tips/reasons/methods to _______” blog post.
  • I never see you do anything but broadcast with no interaction.
  • Added: ANY quote from TS Elliot

What would you add to this list?

These are the starting criteria, they may evolve over time. I started this a few days ago, and I’m down to 1700 followed… How long until I reach a happy signal to noise ratio? Stay tuned!

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  1. Today I am on the same mission my friend. My target today was prune my google reader from 1260 feeds to 680 feeds. I may need to do another pruning to get it down to readable but it was a good start. I think my next project will be Facebook lists.

    This summer I took a course in librarianship. There was alot of discussion about the need to ‘weed’ a library collection– that is remove the out of date, damaged, and no longer relevant items to make way for new items. This is somewhat controversial because people hate, I mean HATE to throw out books, but it is necessary for maintaining a healthy, vibrant library. I’m beginning to wonder if this is the same in the social media world.

    I remember your analogy, (or was it Mark’s) likening amateur podcasting to having a garden. Here is another similarity in that from time to time, it is necessary to weed our social media ‘garden’.

    1. Bob says:

      Good point Sean, I like the idea that we’re all librarians of what we consume. Gives permission to manage it as opposed to it managing us.

  2. Rob Lee says:

    Add this to the list: You’re a “Legend in your own mind” as opposed to a legend in your own time.

    You know the type…

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