Strategy cast thoughts – part 1

My favourite quote this week is from Dave Winer, the man who made podcasting possible:

who is Ron Bloom, and why should he be the arbiter of what’s cool in podcasting

I highly respect Dave Winer. I’ll admit that before this whole podcasting thing started, I didn’t really know much about him. I enjoy reading his blog because I think he has the knack for seeing through the P.R. garbage, and explaining the impact of technology & vision changes.

I’m quite vocal about the fact that I don’t care for the way Adam Curry attempts to write him out of history, and whenever someone asks, I try to make sure they know about Dave and his work. I’d like to shake his hand one day, and say “Thanks, I’m having fun with a great hobby, and I know it’s because of you.”

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  1. Last week I heard Dave Winer’s podcast on Adam Curry’s remarks from his Daily Source Code about Dave. WTF? What’s the story with these two anyway, fighting like an old married couple?

    I agree with you that Adam and Ron are living on a different planet when it comes to podcasting. Most people see this as a free source of talk and music away from the radio industry and commercial garbage. But Adam and Ron do see the future and that’s someone making money off podcasting. Of course, they think why not them.

    I heard on Adam’s podcast that Dave called him every name in the book. He was upset about the press making Adam the Podfather with no mention of Dave. They both have different accounts of what happened in their breakup. I don’t know any of them personally to make a judgement call here. I hate to judge people. They can do whatever they like and their actions will speak louder than words.

    Listening to these two guys’ podcasts really hasn’t cleared anything up. It’s just two accounts of what happened. Dave was the techie behind things, while Adam put his celebrity face in front. Then this Ron guy came around. It must be hard to create something and having it grow into something you didn’t plan. But sooner or later, the big guys come around and steal whatever to make some money. Podcasting will look very different when its first birthday comes around.

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