So now what?

It seems that in the last few weeks, the “big boys” have discovered podcasting. We’re starting to see a trickle of “corporate” podcasts, which surely will be followed by major media outlets (even the CBC is doing it.)

What does this mean for us “little” podcasters? I’m not sure, and I’m not sure anyone really knows. Some of my fellow podcasters are quite fearful, feeling they’ll be squeezed out of the podosphere, others feel angry, many are confused.

My take on all this is, GREAT! The more people podcast, the more people will listen to podcasts, and the medium itself will benefit. Let’s look at this ..

– there are those who want “corporate” radio, and they wouldn’t have ever been satisfied with the podcasts that were around 2 months ago. These people will get what they want.

– there are those who can’t stand “the man” (riaa, mass media, whatever).. Content will exist for these people. These people will get what they want.

– There are those who want something different entirely, like a guy predicting the future with his testicles. These people will get what they want.

There’s no spectrum or channels to fight over. Everyone can have their place here. I’m sure that if Clear Channel decided to get into podcasting, it would be as boring and formulaic as their radio stations are now. So there’s little to fear here.

There’s room for a lot on the internet,

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