Mobile recording

We’ve been getting comments asking how exactly we recorded the mobile CatFish Show last weekend. Despite the horrible car noise caused by really knobbly winter tires, it sounded ok.

Well, here’s what I used:

These hand-made condenser microphones from ebay seller microsound . These have a nice long wire which let me hang the mics from the sun visors, bringing them close to the person speaking, and getting them far from the minidisc’s motor noise.

These mics are then plugged into my 7-year old Sharp MD-MS702 minidisc recorder:

And a 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager with REALLY noisy tires:

Pretty technical, huh? If you don’t know minidiscs, just think of it like a casette recorder. Once it’s recorded, I play the disc ( in real time) into the “Line In” of a computer. On the computer, I simply record using Audacity. Once it’s all up on the computer, I edit out the crap, splice on the opening/closing music, and that’s it.

Overall, for a 20 minute show, it takes about 40 minutes to transfer the show to the computer and edit it for your enjoyment.

We’ll be using the mobile setup again this week when a bunch of us Montreal podcasters meet up for a beer or two wednesday night. It’ll be interesting to see what audio comes out of that…
Hope that helps,

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