Bob and AJ, Buddahead & The RIAA

Today we get the kind of email I love getting. It’s a band, and they want us to play their music on the Bob & AJ Show. I love helping bands get exposure, and any help we can give is our pleasure.. So the email goes like this:

Hi Bob & Aj,

I am writing to you about the band Buddahead on Indie label Sanctuary Records. Official Website:

Buddahead is a huge supporter of podcasting and have already been podcasted on Up The Tree, Bandtrax, and AccidentHash, bibbsrevenge and many more podcasts.

If you are at all interested in receiving a couple of MP3’s from our album “Crossing the invisible line” which is also available in stores, Itunes, Amazon, etc… we look forward to hearing from you.


Cool Huh? This guy is trying to promote the band. Let me preface the next part by saying I listened to the music, and it’s pretty good.

In the haze I call a brain, I seemed to remember this band being mentioned on Jason’s InsomniaRadio blog . Hmmm…. Hadn’t they contacted me then too? So I did a search for Buddahead on and lookie what I found:

This album was found to have been released by a member
of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Hmmm. So can I play this band? They say I can. But wait, who is they? There’s no name on that email!.. Even if they say yes, do they even have the right(s) to allow me to play? The RIAA sues 12 year old girls and dead women – surely they’ll go after a super-popular podcast like ours šŸ™‚ ….

What to do? Do I risk losing my house over this? Umm.. no, but I want to reward the musician who’s “pounding the streets” to promote his music. I figure I’ll be open, and ask for more info:

Hi Buddahead,

We’d love to be able to play your music, but according to , your label, Sanctuary Records, is a member of the RIAA. Is this incorrect?

You see, we play only non-riaa music, as we don’t want to end up in court over songs we play.

If you can send us a legal waiver, saying who will be responsible for both songwriting and performance fees, we’d be happy to have a look at it.

Sorry if this seems harsh, we’re trying to avoid legal hassles.


The Bob and AJ Show

I haven’t received a response yet. Do you think I’ll get one?

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  1. Bob says:

    2 months later, no reply to that email.

    Guess they didn’t really want their song played, eh?

    They could have at least been polite and responded..

    Screw ’em

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