PAB2010 – Bring your brain

It was hard. Honestly it was. Mark and I once again this year had the pleasure to put together the PAB2010 speaking program. It’s not just a bunch of slots, a lot of thought and discussion go into this. It’s one of the things that makes PAB different. Have a look at this line up:

Keynote speakers

  • Friday keynote speaker Barry McLoughlin will explore the elements of style and how they impact media credibility and relevance.
  • Saturday keynote speaker Mike Tennant (Age of Persuasion) will talk about the role of creative in the new age of media (traditional and digital) and how journalists, producers and community leaders can explore creative to build audiences.

Speaking sessions

  • Cult of Listener: Podcaster as shaman in the post-literate Global Theatre; or, How to recruit disciples and brainwash your audience for fun and profit (speaker: Adam Gratrix)
  • Making Meaning: How to Create Content that Speaks to People (speaker: Susan Murphy)
  • Disruption of Social Contracts (speaker: Whitney Hoffman)
  • Make the Irrelevant Relevant: Apply Three Adult Learning Principles to Your Media (speaker: Mare Swallow, aka The Etiquette Bitch)
  • What if my boss finds out? (moderator Dave Brodbeck and panelists Tom Merritt, Ken Hernden and Scarborough Dude)
  • Canadian Supreme Court “Responsible Communication” Ruling (speaker: Tamir Israel)
  • Independent humanitarian organizations and social media (speaker: Avril Benoît)
  • Strong media brands (personal and mainstream) in the digital age (speaker: Kady O’Malley)
  • Death and Digital Legacy (speaker: Adele McAlear)

I still can’t believe this lineup. If PAB2010 were a few days longer, we could have fit in more great sessions. The only drag is that we had the not-so-fun task of letting people know there was no room left in the speaking sessions.

Do you see a theme in these sessions? I hope you do, it’s one of the founding principles of PAB. It’s about a journey through creating, presenting, and applying ideas. We try to tailor an event that leads you through a thought process, to leave you thinking about things during the summer. I look at this lineup, and I know we’re succeeding at what we have in mind for PAB.

Add in a great city like Ottawa, a beautiful time like June 18-20, a boat cruise (Yes! a boat cruise! included in registration!) and some other yet-to-be-announced goodies, and you know you NEED to be at PAB2010.

Join us for a mind-expanding weekend.

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