Know who, and also why.

I was having dinner with my buddy Mark Blevis on sunday, and wouldn’t you know it, we ended up discussing social media. I know, it’s strange, and I’ll wait for your jaw to un-drop before I continue..

We were discussing connections, and not only who people want to connect to, but also why they’d want to connect.. We took a glance at  the “Social Media A-List” and I found it interesting the different reasons one would have for reaching out to them …

For example:

  • Person “A” – You want their followers (or network)
  • Person “B” – You want their skills
  • Person “C” – You want their notoriety

There are more types if you think about it, and for the purposes of this post, I won’t go into friendship, though that’s a great enabler for getting any these things….

Now these types aren’t mutually exclusive of course. A person could be one or all these things.. I find it interesting though that categorizing them automatically tailors the message you would send to each, doesn’t it?

Now I don’t mean a form letter where the name changes, I mean tailoring a message or request based on what you seek from the relationship – In fact, I’d think that the receiver of the message would appreciate you taking the time to tailor your message to them. If anything, you will appear more genuine by having taken the time to target the message to the person with the most chance at delivering on it.

There’s nothing wrong with asking someone for something, but show that you’ve put some thought into it, and ask them for something they can deliver..

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  1. Mark Blevis says:

    That was a great conversation. What I took away from it is a clearer understanding of how group dynamics are affected by the presence of representatives of each of those categories.

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