No such thing as bad publicity!

Hey! Guess what! Both our shows have been slammed!

Yep, this new podcast (which is actually sorta funny in a high-school kinda way) had a segment where they put the boots to us! We’re in good company as they slammed some other popular shows.

Very cool.

When you’re the new kid in school, there are two ways to get noticed:

  • Be nice to people, and build a reputation (long)
  • Take on the biggest kid and get noticed no matter what the outcome (very quick)

So they’re trying to get noticed. No problem. I’m rather pleased they picked us! It means we’re doing the right things. I never thought our shows would be thought of this way, I mean I see the listenership rising nicely with each new show (Especially Cat – Way to go!), but I always thought we’d be under the radar.

My friend who told me about the slam was surprised at my reaction, he probably thought I’d be angry.

Why be angry? Somehow, we’re achieving what we set out to do:

  • Have fun podcasting
  • get noticed and have a few positive comments or emails thrown our way.

Well, I’ve always had fun doing this, and I think Cat & AJ feel the same way. Everything else is gravy.

I guess my point is that if someone goes through the trouble of mentioning your show in a podcast, be it negative or positive – it means they listen! What else did you want? Lots of people hate Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh, but they are both quite wealthy – and you know people that dislike them listen to their shows.

To those of you who enjoy our shows, thanks for the positive words and for keeping us in your ipodders (or however you listen). To those of you who don’t enjoy our shows – Thanks for listening!

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