The Milestone a few weeks later

So I’ve been using the Motorola Milestone that was sent to me a few weeks ago.. My impressions can be summed up in three words.

BlackBerry for sale.

Really, it’s that good. Now, you may care that this is the first Android phone I play with, so I don’t have much to compare with, but I’ve switched my mobile account to this phone after playing with it for a few weeks.. The combination of really nice hardware with a slick operating system made the decision rather easy..

What I liked

  • Android rocks as a phone OS. Integration with google apps is great
  • the “phone-portal” app lets you browse to your phone from your PC, to download pics etc.. Very cool (but it’s not 100% see below)
  • The screen is sharp, great for browsing, maps etc
  • I love the 3rd party apps, something for everyone
  • The media dock makes it an ideal bedside clock – it’s a must-have accessory for me
  • the speaker phone (or audio player speaker) is remarkable for its size – sounds great
  • the iphone-like on screen keyboard is very usable, surprisingly so
  • I found myself lugging the laptop around the house less and using this straight off the wifi to check mail/feeds/etc.. very handy
  • Youtube and other video are very watchable on this

What I enjoyed less

  • Having to spend $$ to unlock it – C’mon foks, it’s 2010.. Stop locking the damn phones already
  • Haven’t figured out a way yet to tell it to use Wifi-only for data use. We’re blessed with stupidly-expensive data rates in this country, I’d like a bit more control over it.
  • the cable to charge it is not the standard USB mini-cable every one else is using. While I’m sure there’s some brilliant reason for this, it still means I need to make sure I bring a special cable with me wherever I go so I can charge it. I thought we were past this.
  • The complete lack of a media manager for mac. They include a PC-based one, but Apple-types need not apply. You have to manage your tunes manually (using a physical attachment with the oddball cable I just mentioned). Urgh. There seem to be (paid) 3rd party apps to link it to iTunes, but I’ve not tried those yet.

Other thoughts

  • It’s a 5MP camera, but it’s still a phone camera, I won’t be leaving my Canon at home to use this. Its a good phone camera, not a good camera-camera 🙂
  • The audio player was nice to use, once the media was loaded.
  • The Phone portal is a great idea. You can surf to the phone from your PC’s browser and download pics, modify contacts, look at the phone log etc.. It also links to MediaLink (for PC only).. They really need to offer a mac equivalent. In fact, it seems it wouldn’t be hard to just add FTP support to the portal, and at least let me upload tunes to the phone without having to track down that oddball cable.

So overall, I really enjoyed playing with this phone, and have made the switch. Would I spend the $600 (no-term) out of my own pocket to buy this? Probably not. Though of course if you commit to a term, the price comes down a lot, and that makes it definitely something to consider.

I think that about covers it, if I left out something you’d like to know, or you’ve noticed I’m completely wrong about something, please leave a comment, and I’ll see what I can do,

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  1. Rob Cowie says:

    Hey Bob! Check out for everything to do with Android 3rd party development. I tweeted the other day that I got Android running on my HTC Touch (Vogue) which is a quite old Windows Mobile 6 device, and while it ran quite well. It’s only a port so some things didn’t work 100% (wired headset was the killer for me). My next phone is probably going to be an Android phone since M$ just announced they will severely cripple their upcoming Windows 7 phone by locking out ALL 3rd party software, and enabling a ‘feature’ that they can uninstall any app you install at their own whim. Talk about a privacy debate! Wow…buh bye M$, at least on the mobile market. Enjoy your phone dude! 🙂

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