The “Chris Brogan” effect

I posted something Chris liked. He tweeted it.

I present to you the Chris Brogan effect on blog stats :

brogan effect

This could be a blog post about getting the right people to talk about you or your blog. I could write a whole “holier-than-thou” post about how the right people send more people your way, then make it full of bullet points and keywords and bullshit you’ve read 500,000 times before….

Instead, it’s a giggle at how I become so much more interesting once my friend-who-i-don’t-talk-to-enough Chris mentions publicly that he’s interested.

The thing is, it’s nice to reach people like Chris, especially when they’re friends, but it’s not necessarily important for me to reach the people who notice me because he says they should. Know what I mean? I like independent thinkers, they’re often the leaders in their space, but the followers are often limited in their ability to contribute to a relationship because they’re too busy saying “me too!”…

For you though, that “me too” group could be a great target audience for you/your product/your service.. Think about that if you choose to do outreach.

This is not a knock on the Brogan faithful, he’s a leader, and if you were going to choose someone in this space to emulate, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better example. If I wanted to succeed at what he does, I’d start by doing things his way

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what my point is, other than to say, if you’re looking for numbers, SEO is one thing, having thought leaders bring their followers to you is quite another.

Which do you think is more valuable?

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  1. Neil Bearse says:

    Wow thats a nice spike in traffic! Is it valuable?

    Depends what you’re trying to achieve, I suppose. If you’re trying to get a lot of awareness about a single event and the traffic that Brogan drives is able to convert in that one shot (think of the fundraising efforts he’s done via Twitter) – then its totally valuable, if it converts.

    But for a content site, extend that report out a few months. Is your traffic still at pre-Brogan levels? Then maybe he’s not the influencer you should be reaching out to… For every thought, there’s a thought leader – find the one that better suits your content.

    And, of course, think big thoughts yourself to make your content super sticky once you do get the big links.

  2. Mark Blevis says:

    3… 3… 1… 9… 3…

  3. Scarborough Dude says:

    Let’s not overlook the Bob Goyetche effect. Many of us eventually tire of the highly successful ‘leaders’ out there- there’s just too much buzz around them. We prefer to stick with the quieter ones, who only post when they really have something they want to share, and not because they have to stay ahead of the pack. You, a man I trust (a trust agent) spoke so highly of Chris Brogan that I am tempted to go back and start following him again – I’d call that the Bob Goyetche effect.

  4. Andrea Ross says:

    You may be interested to know that the bobGoyetche blog post that Chris tweeted included a link to my breast cancer blog
    and the effect was…….?

    A total of 2 clicks over 3 days.

    Which is to say, if the highlighted content isn’t relevant to the leader’s followers, then it really amounts to tweet bugger all.


    Other than for needy folks like me who just love having their existence acknowledged, of course!

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