Back from the UK

There I am, crossing Abbey Road, and at the same time crossing off a to-do from what my friends have started to call my “bucket list”.
It was a great trip, my first time in the UK, and as someone who grew up watching Monty Python and The Goodies on TV, I somehow expected to see many more brown jackets and thick-rimmed glasses. We loved London, its people and the vibe there. I’m not much of a big city guy, but I could see myself living here, for a while anyway..
We did a lot of the touristy-stuff, and with a history as rich as London’s, there’s just so much to see that we had to leave a lot off the agenda as well. We did this all with our 6yr old (who is a great traveler), so of course that limits some activities. He could do the British Museum for 4 hours, but to spend 2 days there like I want to do someday, well, that would have not happened. It would be fun to come back with him again when he’s older and can more appreciate what Britain has “borrowed” from the rest of the world (hehe..) .
Public transit was the perfect way to get around (‘cept during tube-work on the weekends), and I would highly recommend the 1 week travelcard to anyone heading to London. Transport was never more than a few minutes away, and we never had to worry about the ability to get somewhere. We spent our first few hours in London just riding the number 24 (double-decker, or course) bus, and it was a great way to see the city and get our bearings. I think our North American cities have a lot to learn from London’s mass transit.
I was not thrilled at the idea of missing the Olympic men’s hockey final, but the BBC came through, and I was able to watch the entire game, even though the commentary was marred by a “token Canadian” woman who, when it really came down to it, knew nothing about hockey.
I could go on and on, the architecture, the history, I could do this trip again and again and still have more to do..
I went online once on the last day of our trip to make sure the return travel plans were still valid, but other than that, I spent it completely offline. I spent the whole time phone-less and ‘puter-less, and our trip was much better for it. So now the next few days will be about re-adjusting to eastern time, going through the hundreds of pictures, and realizing that the trip was over in a blink.
Bob at Abbey Road, originally uploaded by Bob Goyetche.
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  1. Scarborough Dude says:

    And of course we understand when you say what Britain ‘borrowed’ for the British Museum you really mean ‘preserved for future generations’. Dam, that just makes me want to go back again!

  2. Mark says:

    Welcome back, Bob. Glad to hear you had a great trip.

    Now… time for us to resurrect CPB.

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