Perhaps some will want to know this..

After seeing this page, Colin in the UK asked me more details about our recording techniques, I’d thought I’d include a summary of my response here…

Audacity (almost any audio editing software, actually ) has a steep learning curve at the beginning.. At first, I simply went for “Ok, how would I do this on tape?”- style multi-tracking. As I get more used to the software, I’m using more of the “digital” features, things like envelopes, automatic crossfading, etc..

I actually use Audacity to record the voice track as well.. I start with an empty project, make sure my inputs are setup ok (Line-in for me, since I’m coming in off a mixer- if you only had a microphone it would be mic-in ) .. and hit ‘record’. it automatically creates new tracks each time you hit record.

I import the music directly into it (using import audio), then I slide the tracks around as needed to make the mix. Once it’s all done, and I can play the whole thing through and like it, I use the ‘export to MP3’..

As far as a setup goes, you’re only limited by your budget! Some are doing really good sounding podcasts using nothing more than a $20 microphone and the computer. Others, are investing heavily is gear… Myself, I’ll keep using my old studio gear, and see where that brings us..

Here are some tutorials I’ve used…

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