And so it begins…

I can’t say I’m surprised, though I admit I am disappointed…

It’s happened, american politics are invading podcasting..

In this corner, ipodio’s Thomas Gaume complains of a lack of AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE podcasts, and that anyone who posts something disagreeing with the US government or it’s policies is anti-american. He goes as far as to offer Dave Winer a trip to Canada..

In the other corner, we have Adam Curry who along with Dave Winer basically invented podcasting. Adam doesn’t appreciate Thomas’ comments, and attempts to show he’s a good guy by adding ipodio to the elite podsquad list (unlinked on purpose)..

> I just deleted 3 paragraphs that were here – I was almost suckered into the arguement.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. I, for one will keep an ear on the podcasts of those involved (and their partners too). Why? Not to see who wins the battle, as I could not care less about the political motivations of all these people. What will be interesting though, is if these views end up in the podcasts I currently enjoy. Then, as a citizen of a free podosphere, a swift, yet final DELETE from the subscription list will take care of what ails me.

Big deal, right? Who cares if some dumb Canuck unsubscribes… If you think that – YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT PETE! Like the internet, podcasting is WORLDWIDE.. So when ADVERTISERS figure that out, they will want to maximize the reach of their ad-dollar. So while the two (american) sides debate who said what to who, the business will go elsewhere. It’s happened before (Japan, India, China.. Canada too), and it’s going to happen again..

Let me end with one (unsolicited) bit of advice to both parties – THE REST OF THE WORLD DOESN’T CARE. Not about US conservatism, not about the podsquad. The sooner that’s figured out, the more chance you have at succeeding..

I’ll get off my soapbox now, I need to brush the snow off my car…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    are you saying that there
    is no demand for political

  2. Bob says:

    I don’t think I said that..

    I definately think there’s demand for it. In fact, I know there’s demand for it. In the CONTEXT of the situation I was describing, there was no room for the fighting. Both parties involved seemed to genuinely think we all cared – and eventually realized we didn’t.

    (The initial conflict, incidentally, was about there being room for political podcasts)..

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