Stuff Happens

I would start this by warning you not to drink when editing/posting your podcast.. Thing is, I haven’t had a drink today.. Here’s what happened..

AJ was away, so I edited the show together, uploaded, and I was done.. Or so I thought.. I actually uploaded the wrong version of the MP3..

So about an hour after I thought I was done, I get the “What the hell is this?” Call from AJ.. Seems the audio was completely screwed up, different bits on top of each other & Stuff.. I quickly realized what happened, clobbered what was on the server, and uploaded the new file. *Phew*.. only an hour, not many people heard that..

Then, about another hour later, AJ calls again, “Didn’t you say there was a song for Brian in there? I didn’t hear a song..WHAT???!? Holy CRAP! I uploaded ANOTHER bad edit!! Clobbered that one too, and uploaded the real one. Some days, I really shouldn’t be touching a keyboard…

So the lesson today kids is simple: If it’s a bad edit – DELETE IT RIGHT AWAY .. Simple, no?

It wasn’t…

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