The Daily Shoot

(or “Bob, why are you lying down in the snowy driveway?” )

Why did I take a picture of my tire (or tyre, UK-friends)? It’s part of something called “The Daily Shoot“. A simple way to take more pictures… As with any skill, you (apparently) get better at photography the more you do it, so when I came across this site I immediately jumped in.

The idea is that there is an assignment each day, you take that shot, publish it somewhere and tweet it to @dailyshoot. The site then scans for those tweets, and makes a thumbnail gallery of the pictures taken. No contest, no prizes, no product placements. There are no gear requirements or anything, a camera phone is fine – the idea is to get you out there and shooting.

I’ve added some complexity for myself in that I will try to get as far as I can with this by only using my 50mm lens. I think it may help me think about shot composition some more…

Once again, there’s no money, it’s just a fun way to learn/observe/share this fun hobby. It’s also a fun way to see how people interpret the assignments.

Grab your camera, and join the fun at Daily Shoot!

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  1. Ric Dragon says:

    Sort of like Project 365 that I do with my iphone…. Nice way to keep a running visual journal. And I love the challenge of finding an image that somehow defines the day.

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