Poof! There goes the bandwidth!

Yep.. After just about a month, we’ve blown our bandwidth. Not neccesarily a bad thing, after all, we were on a small package, so I’m not complaining. As of the wee hours of this morning, we’re on a bigger package with more goodies (you know, unimportant stuff like space & bandwidth)..

I’m closely following the bit-torrent discussions, and should the need (or demand) arise, we’ll go that way too.. For now, this will do ok.. (unless we start seeing DSC numbers or something…)

The nice thing about the new hosting package is there are new thingies to play with like newsletters, MySQL, and stuff I really don’t know how to use yet.. I’ll be playing with it over the holidays to see if anything cool can be done.

I was wondering about newsletters.. This host has a “semi-automated” newsletter feature, so I could blast out an email to subscribers when we put up a new show.. Is there a want for this feature? I know RSS is supposed to eliminate that kind of thing, but I’m sure there are some RSS-less people who might prefer email notification.. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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