Ever eat in the dark?

Not just in a dimly-lit room, I mean COMPLETELY in the dark. No way to see where your food is, or even what it is. It’s quite the experience.

Last Tuesday night, we were part of a group of Montreal bloggers/tweeters invited to a “tweet-up” as part of the launch of Molson’s Rickard’s Dark beer. It was a  fun event, held at the John Molson room at the brewery.  For a guy like me, just being at the brewery is a blast, having done my part over the years to contribute to the revenue stream there..

After a meet & greet, we were led into the room, and introduced to chef Ian Perreault, who designed several courses made with the beer. So there we were, in the dark, and the chef walked us through the different items he had prepared, and how he did it. We had the pleasure of sitting and chatting with Tim Crease, master brewer at Molson Montreal.

It was somewhat challenging to eat without visual feedback, but he guided us through. “There are 3 plates in front of you, the left one has a soup..” etc…  I’ll be honest and say it probably got me to eat a few things I’d normally not go near (Not a big Tartar fan), but without seeing the food first, my prejudices weren’t able to grab hold and keep me from trying anything.

I can sum up the food experience like this : The dumplings were to die for.

As for the beer itself, well, I’m not a huge consumer of dark beers, I think I may have a Guiness every 18 months or so.. But the new Dark is a nice beer, much lighter than I expected – and somewhat more “accessible”.. It also has a hint of maple syrup in it which adds a nice flavour.

thanks to @molsontonia and @molsondouglas for the fun evening! It was a great experience!

Photo credit Rickard’s Dark Tweet Up – Montreal, by Rickard’s Insider.
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  1. Valerie says:

    Now try watching a movie or tv show like that.
    Welcome to my work. 🙂

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