Light therapy thingie

Light therapy thingie, originally uploaded by Bob Goyetche.

At the insistence of my wonderful wife Cat (who’s beside me as I type this) I picked one of these up today (disclosure: with my own money at a freaking store, shaddap).. .. It’s a Philips “Golite BLU” , and it’s small enough to follow me on my travels, and to use in my office..

The idea behind it is that the light can help fight the “Winter Blues”…. The last few winters have been a challenge for me, with the short days, and working in an office that lets in almost no natural light to begin with.. I’ve heard good experiences from friends about this.. so I figured I’d give it a shot.. The Amazon and other reviews seem quite positive – and I’ve not read about any really harmful side effects..

I like the fact that it’s pretty much as unobtrusive as far as glaring blue lights go, and it’s rechargeable, as is pretty much everything nowadays..

Have you tried something like this?

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  1. Rob says:

    Not one of the LED ones, but when we lived in Lyon, France we had a fluorescent one from Philips that Katherine found to be quite helpful in getting through the dark days of winter. Lyon is actually a couple hundred km north of southern Ontario, so the days there were even shorter than they are here, now that we’re back from France.

    Unfortunately, the Brightlight (that was their brand for it) only worked on 220V-50Hz and I didn’t want to risk running it on 60Hz through a transformer in case it would harm the electronic ballast in it.

    But she still misses them both terribly — France and her Philips Brightlight…

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