The doctors are in

Ambulance, originally uploaded by MPD01605.

We’re only a few days away from Podcamp Montreal!!  What are you waiting for? Go. Register. Now.

This year, I’ll be co-presenting with ‘Monsieur Quebec Balado’ Sylvain Grand’maison for a fun interactive and bilingual session we call ‘Dr. Balado’ or ‘Dr. Podcast’

Your podcast isn’t feeling too well? We have the cure. If you have issues with platforms, plugins, equipement, software, tools or content, we can help. This is a unique opportunity to share and learn with two podcasting veterans.

This will be all Q&A, no slides, but we’ll have a computer hooked up so we can walk through solutions. Bring your questions, your answers, and a pen in case you learn something.

Join us, this will be fun!

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