Canadian podcast 100 club

Years ago, as part of the first Podcasters Across Borders conference, we initiated something called the “Century Club”, which was a nod towards podcasts that had reached the 100 episode milestone.  To accomplish 100 of anything is a milestone of perseverance and effort, and a testament to commitment to a show. I’m thrilled we were able to acknowledge the “first wave” of shows to reach 100 – breaking new ground when all was new.

We ended up dropping it when many shows reached 100, and when it just didn’t seem to fit into the conference as well as it once had.  We never announced that we were dropping it, we just let it fade away – The thing is, the expectation had been set, and when someone who had worked hard to reach 100 came to us this year asking about the recognition, I brushed it off saying we don’t do that anymore.

As conference (and some would say community) leaders, we’d set the expectation that there would be recognition of 100 episodes, and when we didn’t, we sort of damaged the (here’s that word) TRUST that some of the community had placed in us. I compounded the lack of expected recognition by brushing it off when it was brought up – Oops!

I was called to task on dropping the Century club. I’d never said it was gone, I just stopped doing it. Do I regret dropping it? Actually I don’t.  It’s a time consuming task and time is one of the main courses a machine like PAB eats – there just isn’t enough to do everything we could… I do regret not telling people we were dropping it – in hindsight, that would have avoided any misunderstandings. Then by brushing it off, I communicated that not only was the Century Club not important to me,  neither was the achievement or those who had accomplished it. Wow – that’s a lot of damage in one brush.

All that to say that I’m happy to hear that Sean McGaughey is stepping up and has announced the Canadian Podcast 100 club. You can read his announcement , and join me in congratulating him on stepping up. The more people there are doing community things, the stronger that community becomes.

So the lessons learned here are :

  • If you stop doing something, make sure people don’t expect that you’re still doing it
  • Just because it’s no longer important to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t for others
  • If your community is missing something, why not step up and do it?
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  1. Scarborough Dude says:

    Hmmm… I seem to remember something about certificates being given to those who made the Century Club, and was somewhat disappointed when I never received mine. Of course I was much too polite to mention it to anyone. But now that you’ve opened up this cam of worms…

    The thing is, once I reached 100 shows I didn’t care anymore, I’d done it. I didn’t feel the need for anyone else’s acknowledgment. But to be honest, it was nice to stand up and take a bow at PAB along with the others who had reached this milestone. So I understand those coming up to it might feel a little disappointed, as PAB is the centre of this community, at least for many of us.

    I applaud the Ductape Guy for taking this on. Now do we write to him for the certificates, or what?

  2. Sorry Dude, No Certificates, but you can post the nifty Canadian 100 Club graphic on your website if you would like.


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