14 wordpress updates, whew!

Are you running a WordPress blog not hosted at wordpress.com?

You’re running the latest version (2.8.4), right? No?

There’s a nasty worm making its way through older wordpress installs, taking advantage of old security shortcomings to fill your site with spamlinks and other garbage..

It doesn’t just happen to “other” people, so right after reading this post, and just before you go back to reading that “How to make money on Twitter” book :

It’s a long weekend for a lot of us, take advantage of it to upgrade your WordPress installation.

I did 14 wordpress installs last night. I’m ashamed to say I had some pretty old versions on some of the sites..(Really! – 1.5? yup)   Out of 14 , only 1 didn’t go smoothly, and it’s because it was a REALLY old theme – that needed to be dumped anyway..

If you know about this exploit, and still choose not to upgrade, good luck with that..

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