Photo hobby

So a good hobby means there are plenty of items purchased for which there is no reasonable need..

Of course, since I’ve added photography to my creative endeavours, I’ve come to realize that this new hobby means endless opportunities to spend cash…


Today, a mint Pentax Super-Takumar 2.5/135 (m42) followed me home… my first manual focus (MF) lens. I was happy it found me, and it looks like it was just taken out of the packaging, even though it’s several years old…

I used it with the AF confirm adapter I picked up on ebay – this fools the camera into thinking there’s a proper lens attached (a Canon EF 35-80mm f/4-5.6 which I don’t have) .. it also fakes the Aperture at f/1.4 and the Focal Length at 50 mm.. which of course I couldn’t do with this lens… A neat hack which lets us use “unapproved” lenses.

The bonus about using a lens like this is that EVERYTHING is manual – focus, aperture, name it! So even if the pictures aren’t all frame-worthy, it’s a great way to learn about photography, by removing the camera’s decision-making ability.. I’m closer to understanding what makes a good exposure, but I’m not sure I’m closer to knowing what  makes a good picture… so much to learn..

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  1. John Meadows says:

    Oh I used to have one of those exact same lenses — a very nice piece of glass if recall correctly 🙂

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