Goyetche Business College

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My grandfather used to own a business college – a place where womem of the 1950’s could go and learn business skills of day.. In fact, my mom was a student there, and that’s how she met my dad – the teacher’s son..

Not being around in the 50’s, I remember being a kid and seeing this sign hanging on my grandparent’s front door. I hadn’t seen it in years. Yesterday I visited my uncle who now has this sign on the wall in his basement. What a treat to see it again! I just had to snap a picture..

I’ve discovered it’s a wonderful reminder that among my genes are teaching genes and entrepreneur genes..

It’s good to think about where you come from sometimes….

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  1. Scarborough Dude says:

    Wonderful to have a piece if family history like that! Very neat! And yes, also a sense of who you are, something to be very proud of. My great grandfather opened a school for boys, and his daughter married one of the teachers – and the rest is history…

  2. There are 4 alumni of the Goyetche Business College on classmates.com – some cutting edge ladies from the 50s online – you should so send them a link to this blogpost.


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