Podcamp Montreal 2009!

PodCamp Montréal was such a blast last year, that when presented with the opportunity to have one again this year, the organizing team couldn’t contain their excitement:


committee-podcamp-montreal-5, Picture credit :Eva Blue.

Putting aside their obvious facial ticks, the gang has added a few members, and are looking forward to seeing you September 19/20 2009 at the Design Pavillon of  UQAM. Podcamp Montreal ’09 is the social media event you want to attend.

Don’t be one of those “Aww man I should have gone” people. Assert yourself, and head on over to the registration page and start typing. There are plenty of accomodation options for all budgets, and let’s face it, this is Montreal – a good time is unavoidable.

The as-yet unsung heros of PCMTL 09 are:

(hope I didn’t forget anyone!)

Hope I’ll see you there!

If you’d like to partner with Podcamp Montreal as an event sponsor, drop me a line..

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  1. What a motley crew! (and not in the long bleached hair ’80s rock band kind of way)

    It’s great to work with such a talented .. and dedicated .. group of people. Thanks for having me on board.


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