5 minutes to learn

 I saw a TV news report on Toronto National News the other night about a thunderstorm that affected all of Canada southern Ontario. When I was able to emotionally recover from the trauma of seeing footage of the poor people who were without power for several minutes, I also noticed they featured some really cool pictures of lightning.

I’m the kind of guy who sits on the porch to watch a thunderstorm go by, the sky puts on a show I love seeing. I love pictures of lightning, so when I saw the news report, my first thought after sending a charitable donation to Toronto so they can buy some freaking Duracells was “HEY! I’ve got a camera, how do I do that??”

My search led me to a site I’d never seen before The 5 minute Life Videopedia. I didn’t even know what a videopedia was, or that it even was, in fact, a word.


Sure enough, in a video, I was taught how to shoot lightning pictures. Everything I needed to know quickly, and a walkthrough from someone actually shooting lightning pictures. COOL. I then started browsing the site and found all kinds of instructional and DIY video “lessons” there.  From “How to interview for a job” to “How to make dog food” and almost everything in between..

Sure, another video site, but this one seems to have educational value, and a decided absence of football-in-the-groin videos. I like it!

Check it out!

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